WLK Reader / Writer Application

This application was written to read, insert, update, and delete records from a Davis WeatherLink WLK file. The main function that this application performs that the Davis WeatherLink software does not is the inserting of records. To use the application, place it in the same folder that the wlk files are in. If WeatherLink is currently using the file, you may get an error, so before opening the application, close WeatherLink. When you first open WLKReaderWriter, it will ask you to go to the Setup and Station Info page to fill out a couple of required fields for the THSW Index Calculation. Of course you need a radiation sensor for this calculation also, so if you don't have one, you really don't need to fill out the setup tab. Please backup all WLK files before using this application, I would hate for your data to become corrupted do to an unforeseen error in my application.

New Feature as of January 11, 2011 - Added a capability to merge WLK files. The Merge WLK File screen is accessed by going to the File Menu and selecting Merge WLK. The screen is hopefully pretty strait forward, but if you have any questions about it please contact me here.

New Feature as of April 18, 2006 - Added a Bulk Insert capability. The Bulk Insert Wizard is accessed by going to the Record Times tab and clicking on the Bulk Insert button or going to the File Menu and selecting Bulk Insert. Right now the wizard only handles files that are delimited by a single character such as a comma or tab or anything you want to use. The exported files from WeatherLink use a tab to seperate each field.

The .Net Framework 3.5 or greater is required for this application to run. If you do not have the framework installed, use Windows Update and it should be in the optional section.

This is an application has been around for a little while, but while I am fairly confident in its abilities, please backup any WLK files you would like to update with this application just in case it gets corrupted. I have tested the application to the best of my ability and it has worked so far, with a couple of minor exceptions:

If you use this application and find any other calculations that are not correct or any errors occur while using the application please feel free to report them to me through email. My email address is located on the Developer Information tab once you open the application. I will try my best to create fixes, but remeber this application is being given out for free and I do not always have time to get to every request.

Use the following link to download the application: WLKReaderWriter

  If you find this program useful and wish to donate to the developer please feel free to use this link!  

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